I feel like you’re bound to miss things in doing so, but everyone has their own preference. Great to see her back though imo. Eita’s attitude sure is coming of as arrogant. Battlin’ Boxers – January Senior Members 6, posts Last Visit. Rest in peace, sweet prince. The heart is pain.

That Grass Looks Greener Rest in peace, sweet prince. Wait, did Allen and Sayaka called Yusho a coward? Posted 21 August – Just watched le subs. Senior Members 9, posts Last Visit Feb 26 Community Forum Software by IP. It’s about time we finally see him in a present day rather than a flash back. Hell, even the Hippo only came back only be fodder for Yuya’s final trap

Every dimension is messed up in some way. Empowered Her oic Mages: Must be because of age.

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Your life points will soon be reduced to 0, and your life will be dust. The Fusion Dimension is what I expected it to be About Yuya and Reiji in common, don’t forget that both are targeted because of their connections with their fathers.

Anime4gun hope ryo,shark and manjoume appears in arc v as well. Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers. And I’m so happy that Shun trust Yuya!


Pretty much her vs some jobbers with her Cyber Girls. Just play the friggin’ card game you’re trying to sell.

And finally Yuzu meets Yusho. The LP Quiz Trap? I do not have one for my 24K; this is what I used that post for.

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Yep, I literately found that out 1min before your post lol, also here another PIC that is related to the up coming episode http: Your hearts are what caused the future to be destroyed. And the appearance of a mysterious man. I’m so excited for the Twins ahhhhh. I don’t think it’s simply because he wants to fight alone.

But nevertheless, he sits in his chair like a boss and appears like he was expecting Yuzu. But I’m tired of Blackwings And the outfit is still sexy as always. Is is really worth the effort of arranging Amime4fun for “the guy afc beat the Champion” if you’re willing to just pair him against amateurs? Nice one, Yuya, it really shows how Yuya is able to use his shortcomings to his advantage and eepisode from them.

Rest of Sig This is as far as you go. The duel was kinda meh since they used the same formula as all other 3vs1 duels in this show, but the exposition we got this episode was fantastic.


Hero fusion monster hype. Then again, better off as a TCG discussion.

You looked, didn’t you? Change into a will that shatters steel!

Keep in mind some cards may not have the [Sakura] tag in front. All your wishes that you’ve ever had, are all just pain. Good for you, Yuya! Sylph and Undine are looking to abime4fun the flip monsters. Reiji was targeted by Shun so he could use him as bargaining chip for Reo, and in the next episode Yuya will be targeted by Edo so he could use him as a bait to lure out Yusho. We episove get an in-the-flesh Yusho.

Posted 28 March – Take two if Gakupo is running around instead.