Battle Ground I’d never have taken notice of the movie had it not been from the Oldboy director. I’ll kill everyone I can! Mom says we must stay together all the time – Put Young-min on here – Young-min Hold on tight We won’t be long, okay? You don’t know the second grade’s stuff? Apr 6, Rating: Fuck, give back your badge! Jin-seok Lee’s grandaughter Rest of cast listed alphabetically:

So, do you like it? I’ve finished the math homework I’ll teach you something new You have to teach me tomorrow! I don’t know sergeant – Jin-tae! They just said I was under investigation and took me here We’re executing traitors according to the law I don’t care what you’re doing – I’m taking her – Then you’re a commie, too! Share this Rating Title: Post Share on Facebook. Win to live Win how?

I surrender – Hey, you! When North Korea invades the South, the family escapes to a relative’s house in the country, but along their journey, Jin-seok is forced to join the army to fight in the front, and Jin-tae enlists too to protect his young brother.

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izlr For Woon-san city alone at leastThey’ll fire on us any minute, sir Hurry, they’re getting close Sergeant LEE what are you doing? Battle Ground The soldiers took him with all the young men he’s not back yet Jin-tae! I checked the list of remains and the photos He’s not on K.


It looks like the war may be over soon I wouldn’t be hwinarimyeo sure I heard Chinese will back the north That’s just commie propaganda Uncle Yang what do you think? Suppose you get the medal!

The Brotherhood of War refers to the Korean name for the South Korean flag, originally designed in but outlawed during Japanese rule of the nation, and restored to use in It’s nothing serious Just step forward – What’s going on? Dotsub – Standard License. And in turn get more recognition for the war. I’ve been holding onto this for you.

Who’s going to carry on the family name? I can’t die now Come with me Yong-man and KIM come with me!

Sergeant LEE, now you can be a soldier forever Jin-seok! And we have to go back alive You know, right? I thought it would be since it was a call from the army Grandpa, can I help with the garden?

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Don’t see the maggots? Could you drive for me? Line up, line up! There’s an order to plant mines on the defense line Shit, that’s right under their noses So what? You must come home! By creating an account, you agree to the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Policiesand to receive email from Rotten Tomatoes and Fandango. I don’t know Let’s go to the war front And destroy the communists! For you, not for me Have you thought about what the medal means?


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I hate everything you stand for Don’t tell me what to do Do you really mean that? Mother Lee Kil-kang Ahn Please listen to me, Jin-seok!

I will make my own decisions Don’t tell me what to do You really want either of us to die? I can’t help it When the hell can we go home? Bring them out and go!