I want one too! This Caseal of yours looks simply gorgeous! Well time for some update to show my current look. Hope I’m doing this right, so here goes: And I won’t be able to take some screenshots until the end of the week. Where and how do I get different head options? It looks too dark almost black at the moment

That’s definitely not my intent. Thanks for the input! I chose Fliegen because it’s one of only two “mecha” heads available to Caseal. I was thinking Fliegen head and body, but I still need to figure out the arms and legs Ooh, I like that head part. Just wish it was well optimized. There would be multiple variations of raids as well, some including like fights with Psycho Gundam, Big Zam, etc.

Maybe I’ll color it blue next time I change looks. Does the hair fit?

I always try the costumes I get before selling, but it just doesn’t feel right to me when I know my toon is a cast. This turned out to mean that they sucked at everything. Because giant blocks aren’t supposed to be limber and acrobatic.

cast supremacy

Wigner set is most certainly a favorite of mine. That’d be Gouboid, Colossus had its CV ages ago. So I ask you, what are your thoughts on PSO2 currently?

Getting ready to return to PSO2. If you want to be an androgynous shonen hero, you can. This may sound like a poorly thought out idea, but I just ran with it as long as I could keep my train of thought on course. Then again, I guess most people want to see their character’s face. On another note commenting on that pic a post above.


This is what i look like now Will occasionally try to blend in with non-cast to study their behaviour, and steal their kidneys.

CAST Supremacy! | PSO2SEA

Known for its overall average in everything, the sensors are too expensive to mass produced though. It looks too dark almost black at the moment Just curiosity, what is your Ship, guys? Never seen it ingame yet. I know orange and blue doesn’t really go too well together, but PSO2 we have clothing underwear exist cannot be taken off nor can you walk in it freely as you did in PSU.

I’m second from the left Credit to iLain, Team Leader, for the pic Nah it doesn’t look like you’re hating on White and Black and cool picture. Not good with cast fashion Production make and number is Stabmachine-RX Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email casr will not be published.

CAST supremacy. Discuss. Fleshies suck.

Other than that I like your character and think the look and colors are supremcay. Always nice seeing more well-constructed CASTs within my team.

Raids and so on would be based upon your own player skill, and would allow players to run around and so on fighting in gigantic brawls. Setting 1 Setting I’m forced to play on since I’m using a toaster.

Once game is online, I’ll take a better picture, xD Fen: I caat one too! Anyone else looking forward to the new caseal parts in the next update? PSU and subsequent games except for Zero, which was more like PSO, where there were no equippable outfits in the first place got it right by separating looks from stats, and this game mostly continues that ps2o.


Need more of this [spoiler-box] http: Took your advice and adjusted some things, changed the color completely too. So I gave my cast a costume.

Initial Make, Rhodes Initial Parts. It is still unclear when the servers will resume its service again.

Kind of a bummer since i want to check out what a PSO2 wedding was like. Usually with Personnel Light Artillery.

PSO2 JP: Sonic’s Birthday (Extended Maintenance) (6/18/2014)

So with the Ronia Lady set available for Caseal, are there any female parts suprenacy male Cast would like to see adapted for their own use? I have red on my cast and it’s really dim.

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Yandere who wants to dismantle NoobSpectre Oniichan My channel. Known for its mobility? They didn’t really they didn’t show a single cast part in the vid lol.