This episode really made me hate the queen to the max!!!! She is such a snob. December 28, August 7, dramasrok Horse Doctor , sageuk. But she cries at the thought of this. She has no intention of letting a horse doctor touch her! Even his head nurse is shocked at this. He takes a pedigree horse as a gift from the governor.

It could be too late. A bit old but hey the caption is right And all is well. Kwanghyun survives and finds a job Meanwhile we find Kwanghyun somewhere away from the palace where he seems to be working at a port as an unloader. He knows they are trying to force him to demote Dr Ko and he grabs his side in pain … Kwanghyun tries to see Myunghwan but a servant forbids him to enter the premises. Hearing his name brings back lots of unpleasant memories as well as his guilty feelings over the death of Dr Ko.

Inju is against this and rushes off to search for Dr Ko. Guard Kang arrives but shakes his head to Myunghwan.

Horse Doctor Episode 30 – dramasROK

Act like she knows everything when she knows nothing! Myunghwan is sent for but he dithers over what to dramasork. Myunghwan sees his chance to push the peasant horse doctor out of the welfare hospital for good.

And Kwanghyun is soon brought back when it seems his diagnosis of the king was correct after all ….


In the last episode. But the head of the hospital wants to see the queen mother for himself.

Myunghwan hears that the mysterious pharmacy for the poor is travelling around selling cheaper herbs. After all Kwanghyun is still only a student who just made a mistake.

The governor is allowed to come and see his daughter and grandchild too. But he assures the patient that he can treat the tetanus this time.

Dr Saam shows Kwanghyun the notice about the offer in the capital for a doctor to cure the Empress. No wonder they said bad stupid woman like her can ruin the whole nation.

But this revelation changes everything in. It is a real eye opener to all the hardhearted doctors worldwide who think about money before their patients.

And guess who is behind this again. We get a reminder in this episode of what Myunghwan is capable of when pushed to the limits.

It looks like the princess is growing up. It seems Read more. The king is pleased that the queen mother seems to be feeling better thanks to opium! February 16, August 7, dramasrok Horse Doctorsageuk. Kwanghyun is about to be thrown out when Sungha sees him and lets dramasrpk in. Finally Kwanghun and Jinyung sit down together to talk.

Horse Doctor Episode 45

The situation is resolved when the king sits up and is obviously improving. Catching up on Sageuk Dramas: Myunghwan and Lord Jung discuss the situation openly in front of Eunso who pours tea for them. The king is very upset and calls for Myunghwan and Lord Jung. Dr Horsee and the nurses are left to cope on their own.


The princess is miserable and goes to visit Eunso. The disease is spreading through her body and they believe there is no cure…. And dramasroo show this clearly by walking out of dgamasrok hospital leaving their patients to die. Could this quack be the surgeon Kwanghyun is looking for?

And who should be in the party but Myunghwan! But when Kwanghyun sees his patient, he realises that the epidode is the same one that Dr Ko had. Surely this is just undoing all the good work? April 23, August 7, dramasrok Horse Doctorsageuk. Kwanghyun explains that he has seen his disease before and operated on the patient but the patient died of tetanus!

Kanghun tries to comfort Jinyung Kwanghyun repeats that rank and title are not important to him. Jinyung seems to understand this.